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REPORT on MOD: AVoL Char Darth Vader .092.36

I have discovered a bug associated with this particular mod.

Deatils of my system at discovery:
OS Windows Vista Home Premium
Service Pack 1

Game version 2.10.427 English
TSL Patch 1.0b

(Not sure how helpful this will be to anyone.)

After installing, I was able to play for awhile. It seemed normal until I had reached the end of the underground mine. Upon attempting to go to the next module, the game would freeze and either crashed or needed to force-quit. It repeatedly encountered this error. Playing other saved game files it did not affect them at first, but after~20-40 hours of gameplay this bug began showing up in the other save games. The more you would use them the more it would appear. Not long after, the same problem was so bad that your character could not move fro mone module/ part of the level to another without the game crash. Uninstall if it gets to this point.

Even after uninstall this error will still reappear until you reactivate a save game unused or at least that did not encounter this bug to return it to normal--figured if it works for game saves acting up from the 'heat zones', it would work here and it did. If this is not possible, I suspect it can be solved by also starting a new game after uninstall.

Another interesting side note is that this mod will inadvertently "fix" the 0 health immortality in the "Dead Jedi room" within Ludo Kressh's tomb on Korriban. Normally if you reached 0 health in here while re-spawning hississ in that infinite exp loop "glitch" (yeah, right), you would not die. Now this part of the glitch has been fixed and thus your time in here levelling up and exploiting this loop is much more difficult.

Side-side note: for the normal, if you level up with 0 health then you cannot apply any skill points you earned and if you accept it you will lose out; so cancel, heal some, then level up while you have health 0< so you CAN take advantage of those skill points.
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