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Gett stood out in the hot sun practicing with his vibrosword. He had received some training with melee weapons when he was on Kamino but it was the jedi who helped him out even more. He was given such training because of his code and the fact that he saved a padawan. It was a shame now that he had to hunt them down but he couldn't betray his brothers like that. He would betray the Emperor in a heartbeat but he would have to fight his brothers to do so. He placed the sword back on his back and got back on his speeder. He decided it was time for another cantina run. He killed a jedi on the last run, who knew what would happen this time. Gett parked the speeder and entered into the cantina. He looked around the room and saw the band, the bartender, a group of cloaked figures, some men with guns, and the usual crowd of drunks. Gett took a seat at a table and stared at the three people. There was no way they were jedi, two of them looked like it but the third looked like someone who worked on a farm. Besides even if they were all jedi it would be stupid to meet up in a local cantina, the Empire would have sent squads of his brothers in after them. One of them looked slightly familiar, like he had seen the figure before. Gett quickly shook the thought out and looked away. He turned his head over to the band and decided to listen to them play. It had been a while since he actually just sat down and listened. Maybe today wasn't such a bad day after all.
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