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I just want to point out I'm not being rude with my fervor in exploring and asking questions...I'm not intentionally trying to make a fool out of anyone or prove/disprove by inundation. (TC, eat your heart out! ) Part of it is that I want to see just how fully we have explored our ideas on this subject as this "survival" actually fascinates me quite a bit.

Originally Posted by igyman View Post
Technology - while I agree with GTASWC on most of the things he said in this regard, I think, however, that if humanity is put down by technological creations, it will not be by a computer that has become self-aware, or has decided that humans are inferior and need to be exterminated. Instead, I think that a more likely version is that we be destroyed by a machine with a bug in its software. Sounds funny? Well, think about it - so far nobody has managed to create a completely bug free software and, actually, nobody is really trying to do it. What programmers do (and I speak as a student of IT and programming languages in particular) is try to minimize the possibility of a bug occurring.
Actually, I was just thinking on what I said today. I've had a few programmer friends tell me that making self aware programming is impossible. (Ironic, here I am again, this time my friend in this case is igyman ). I retract that part then: Unless we have found some way to synthesize a sentient and self aware life--something that (so far as we know) in terms of science has not been done. Nor have we been able to determine whence beings become sentient. I still maintain, more or less, it would be a case of outsmarting ourselves.

Somebody please correct me if evolution somehow has explained how non-sentient beings have evolved into sentient beings, or if there are any self aware creatures you know of that science does not.

Disease - well, with AIDS still being incurable, homosexuality being considered a lifestyle and sex being used in everything, because "sex sells", I guess this is a very possible way of ending humanity.
Very true. Funny how this seems to be conveniently ignored in the USA as well. A mentality developed as a result of "what I don't know can't hurt me" despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. However this is not the #1 killer.

I'd add several things like hepatitis to the fray. Although it is possible to immunize against it...I do not believe Hep C has a cure..about Hep A & B, I know even less. Just know my employer got Hep C from a blood transfusion for surgery, and has about 10-15 years left to live.

What of Heart Disease? While this is largely to do with lifestyle and nutrition, there are some other factors I think. But just another to consider.

Also Let us not forget drugs through which communicable disease is spread as well. And blood transfusion. Amongst a number of other things to be sure.

Cancers: still so much that we do not know about cancer. I daresay I'm not even qualified to talk about deadly cancer. However, it is reality. Amidst the unknown, there are known factors that put people at risk for cancer like lifestyle, diet, genes, activity, possibly usages of devices. I'd reccomend you live a healthy life and get checked up regularly. How many different kinds of cancer are there? Hundreds? Thousands?

What about that Chinese bird flu virus? That H5N1 (or something like that) virus pandemic that was feared to be spreading around the world at a pandemic rate back in '06-'07? How come I don't hear about it anymore?

Originally Posted by Web Rider View Post
This all assumes that humans are still vulnerable to these things when they happen. Assuming we still haven't developed the tech to literally control the environment, we may have advanced upon ourselves enough, either technologically or biologically to survive.
Just out of curiosity, are you referring to HAARP by any chance? I've heard/read some pretty wacky **** in this area. I might be able to elaborate to a point on this--but ultimately it may still only be speculative. PLus it all goes back to Nikola Tesla. Igyman is probably better infromed than I in that area.

Though plausible sounding...I'm afraid I'll have to agree with igyman. Weather control still sounds too far fetched.

If we enchance ourselves by either making us more disease resilient, or by replacing our bodies with machines, we can rule out disease, at least biological disease,
Are you suggesting bio-eugenics, or naturally strengthening ourselves against disease?
someone could still make a computer-virus, but at the very least, we've eliminated one possibility.
Perhaps, but cybernetics would have to have advanced pretty far by that point. Much further than the crude stages of present.

Though its plot is over simplified, this virus biz sounds awful similar to the Mega Man X series.

The cybernetic enhancements also vaguely reminds me of Armitage, Terminator, Ghost in the Shell, X-Men, and god knows what else that also hint at such things. I am trying to keep serious with you here, however it is hard when what you say is speculation at best colored by popular sci-fi. If you have ideas, I would very much like to hear them. I won't deny they might be a possibility, but without some kind of benchmark or barometer I can't really say how likely any of that really is.

it we make ourselves more resilient physically, we'll be able to adapt more readily to climate changes, cold or hot.

Of course, what the show doesn't take into account is that if we had a nuclear war, nature would get hit pretty hard too.

Still I don't think nuclear war would be the end of us all, this is a very big planet and nukes are really only going to fall on the major powers. The probability that someone will nuke Chile or the Congo is rather low. While we could still have nuclear winter, humans have survived the ice ages, so I don't think we'd all be dead.
Well, we'd have cockroaches and rats to keep us company.
Disease again is more likely to affect major population centers, and leave small tribal groups untouched.

I honestly don't think there's any disaster that would destroy every last bit of humanity. I think most "civilized" nations would be gone, but considering that we can grow plants in water under artificial light indoors and we're on our way to growing meat from stem-cells, I think a good portion of "developed" society could withstand most disasters.
Fair enough.

Originally Posted by igyman View Post
<snip> but out of all the possibilities, those are the most probable, IMO, unless we as a species change our way of thinking.
QFT and emphasis!

Originally Posted by CommanderQ View Post
A. The Environment and supporting our growing population

*brevity* lest we crowd ourselves to death...
This overlaps with disease, BTW.

Then as I hinted before: What of letting certain, (otherwise preventable diseases) claim the underclasses? That is what will happen. Like it or not, the human sustainability of the world is a bubble and it will inflate and deflate, and so forth, until it pops. It bothers me, but I don't see that much can be done about it.

There is also natural disasters, as we've seen many many happen. Though I doubt this due to the fact that we haven't gotten killed yet...
Then do you care to explain further? What natural disaster(s) and how?

B. {As many said..} War

In a disturbing way, war is actually what keeps the human race in check, so to say. It also maintains discipline and organization as well, as strange as it seems. I don't mean to sound pro-war, because it's absolutley horrible, and we've gotten better at killing eachother every time, but still, if we didn't, we may not have gotten as far as we have, or we may be overcrowded.
Which was hinted at in the nuclear arms thread, I believe. It's very precarious and grim. So morbid. Yet the truth of the matter is that if we didn't have this threat of hot war looming over our heads (make pretend there were once again no WMDs), we would have constant bedlams driven by ambition and military aggression until there were the few strong ruling over everyone with an iron fist. Nothing would ever get done for the better. I'd imagine that in this case scenario, though, many would still be killed and it would take a very long slow and painful time to do it.

I guess also I'd like to add these categories:

Accidental: could be related to any of what has already been discussed above. A bug in a program, stupidity, carelessness...mmm, hard to say specifics on large scale unless I basically include one of the above categories or else it becomes individual.

Lifestyle in general: aside from the above, a major determination in one's death is how one lived. Igyman touched on it above I believe, when he said "unless we change our thinking". Igy, you are a genius my friend. On an individual level it may not seem to affect the world in any big way, but in these times of economic hardship we are seeing how irresponsible lifestyle on a large scale can have tremendous consequences, no? I would have to say this is yet another category in itself.
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