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Question I Concur !

I certainly will pick up Jedi Academy !

3 quick questions ....
1] I'd like to play without the CD in the drive to save batterylife.
Someone suggested I make a diskimage of the JO disk & play with that, but when I try ta make a diskimage,
an alertbox pops up that says there's trouble with the file or some such ....
It's a real gamedisk, not pirated -- I bought it from eBay.
Any help, please?
2] I want to play online but the Universal Binary patch doesnt activate multiplayer.
Is it possible to play JO online with an Intel MacBook ?
3] I downloaded the SP map Hoth-Imperial Base.
On my own I thought to look for any .pk3s but I looked in every folder -- there're a lot of 'em lol -- and I couldn't find any.
I know I'm doin' something wrong on my end -- what is it?
And my Application Supportfolder doesn't have any Jedi Knight data in it whatsoever.

Sorry ta be a pain in the neck. lol

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