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Jenna gasped. Lord Valkanar drew out a Naquada bomb! "No!" she shrieked. Corey ran and put his arms around her. Dr. Weir ran out of the room wildly, pulling her hair and gibbering.

"She's headed for the Stargate!" yelled Corey, trying to pull Jenna after her. "Let's go!"

"We can't abandon Atlantis!"

"Why not, none of the cool people are left on this planet anyway!"

"But Atlantis itself! It's so cool and powerful and has so much potential! Try to shoot Valkanar, quick!"

"It's too late for that, stupid human! You have about 21 seconds left of your miserable little lives! I suggest you run after your imbecilic captain and leave me alone in my misery." snarled Lord Valkanar.

"Have you noticed--" said Jenna, as she was being carried from the room by Corey who had melodramatically thrown her over his shoulder. "He looks a lot like Baal! Maybe its one of his clones!"

"Maybe it's a robot clone, who has been programmed to destroy itself and us and the entire universe as we know it! I don't care! I just want out of here!" He raced through the open wormhole in the Stargate just as a brilliant white light flashed all over the room. He hoped Dr. Weir had opened the wormhole to somewhere far, far away.
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