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Originally Posted by Web Rider View Post
No, I think HAARP is mostly conspiracy-theory BS. I'm not talking about anything we have now, just speculating on the concept of future-tech which could do those things.
Like I said, ultimately speculative. So far as what's going on? Yeah, I'll say something does smell rank about it.

The only things about it that seem even remotely real are radio wave devices (hell if I know what they *actually do*), and screwing around with the ionoshpere which doesn't exactly sound smart.

Which is the same thing everyone thought of every major technological advancement in history.
Do you have at least some ideas, then?

Suffice it to say to your challenge: We'll see. Not saying it couldn't happen, but in light of not really having any ideas how it'll have to remain a far off dream. We're certainly allowed to dream, though.

Both I suppose. But I'm generally talking about genetic manipulation to improve resistances, not drinking more Ginko.
Where did I imply or express anything about ginko?

I meant the natural *natural* way of strengthening immune systems...

So far as cybernetics. Yeah, it could happen.

Well yes, but it's not like we're going to have a nuclear war tomorrow, so as long as we're speculating about the future, I'll speculate about the future.

Never played/seen em.
Just in passing, advanced robotics yielded sentient robots "Reploids". Eventually a virus was evolved or created. It advanced so much it became devastating to both the natural and the technological. Anymore and I'll spoil it for you. Or at least as much I gathered from its rail thin story. Nice if you're into retro platform shooter rehashes.

We're all just playing the guessing game at what's going to be the end of us, so if we're gonna talk about what'll be the end of us "down the line" we might as well discuss what could prevent it.
Well, nothing wrong with that I guess. Certainly invites a whole lot of opportunities for murphy's law or the accident phenomenon to botch stuff. But yeah, I do enjoy having another side to it. Prevention.

The Japanese already have cybernetics to assist people who are paraplegic, sure they're only on the outside, but give it some time and they might just cut the legs off and replace them.
Yeah, I can see that in the next 20-30 years...or more like 40-50 considering how things are going nowadays.

For that: Bone, ligament, and joint replacement has already advanced substantially since the last 3-4 decades. In fact my father is getting a knee replacement tomorrow.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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