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"Be careful with your words. The way you speak them are filled with anger, these are not the ways of a Jedi. Though I do not have any kindness in my heart for Skywalker or his Master, there destinies are entwined with the force, and they will come to them in there time. Be careful, or else you may sway close to the Dark side."

Dantra leaned forward and shook her head slightly with a mad look in her eyes.

"The force...what has the force done for us recently I ask you? It didn't seem to be helping us when the troopers attacked the temple did it? It didn't seem to help the four masters who went after Palpatine...No...The force has abandoned us.

Dantral leaned back slightly and giggled madly.

"I don't know about you two...but I intend to put a stop to the Empire...One stormtrooper at a time. If you two have any sense of what it means to be a'll do the same."

Dantra got up off the chair and walked out of the door of the cantina.

Now...where's the Tatooine garrison? It's time to show the Empire what the Jedi order can do.

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