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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
Obama was taking kickbacks from the Freddie Mac and the other bank in question, in fact he was getting so much that if you just look at the 2 years he was senator, he was the recipient of more money from those two than anyone else in the Senate.
I really don't need to ask for a source here, right?
Furthermore there is Obama's representing ACORN in that lawsuit to force Citibank into making loans they knew people couldn't pay. And he also consulted ACORN as how intimidate various businessmen. I posted this stuff in Kavar's before and you were one of the people replying to it, so I'm guessing you either don't remember, were too lazy to read it, or unwilling to read anything that would call your liberal worldview into question.
And your conservative worldview makes you incapable of admitting the truth and making **** up.
Income Redistribution comes to mind, as does trying to do away with the 2nd Amendment and Free Speech.
Please source where Obama wants to completely destroy the Constitution. Your blind, ignorant hate speech prevails yet again.
Contrary to what you believe, I actually do read a lot of what people here write. Just when people use sources like or MSNBC as sources to bash conservatives, then I question the validity of their comments
So using conservative blogs to bash liberals is somehow fine and tolerant. Excellent hypocrisy, sir.
That's called people angry over Government spending and using their money to bailout the people whom caused this mess. It has nothing to do with racism and you know it.
BS. Disliking someone's policies does justify using tactical hate speech against them. How would you like it if someone took your ethnicity, caricatured it, and compared it with mass murderers? Feelin' cool with that?
His sources implied that Mr. Fox hadn't been taking his medication, so he said what he did based on the information he had at the time.
Even if it was true, it's still in very, very bad taste to mock someone's disability, and you know it.
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