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Hello Sprucemoose, welcome to LucasForums!! Well, not everyone likes the story of the game, but you might like the lightsaber fights and styles available in it. Halfway through the story, you get to choose either two lightsabers or a lightstaff (of course, there are tons of mods that can overwrite that and let you choose right away from the start). And, you can do lots of neat moves with each type of saber you have. A single saber lets you do a kata like move if you keep clicking and holding down the second mouse button; with two, you do an interesting set of moves; with a lightstaff, same thing. And you get a whole bunch of both new (in one instance, old) bad guys to fight: New Reborns and Cultists, a Twi'lek named Alora, and eventually Tavion at the end of the game.
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