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"The force...what has the force done for us recently I ask you? It didn't seem to be helping us when the troopers attacked the temple did it? It didn't seem to help the four masters who went after Palpatine...No...The force has abandoned us.

How could she say that? The Force never abandoned the Jedi. Did it? Kerla stared at the female Twi'lek Jedi with both a shocked and confused look.

"I don't know about you two...but I intend to put a stop to the Empire...One stormtrooper at a time. If you two have any sense of what it means to be a'll do the same."

After she left the cantina, Kerla slowly looked down and shook her head. "What has this Galaxy come to? I feel that the Dark Side is at work," she thought to herself. She narrowed her eyebrows. "I'm gonna stop her," she said to Tev, and got up from her chair.

Stopping behind Dantra outside the cantina, Kerla shouted, "Wait!"
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