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Originally Posted by tk102 View Post
It doesn't. This site is actually powered by hamsters. We just put the little vB footer at the bottom for street cred.
Originally Posted by matt-- View Post
And before we had the hamster setup, I just stayed logged into the server and typed out every thread as people connected. I kept losing fingers, so now the rodents take care of it.
Wow, that is like, just, so AMAZING!!!!!! Who knew our unsung heroes spent all that time on the hamster wheels keeping us powered up. I totally understand the Sunday night closures now--you have to give the hamsters time for conjugal visits according to Federal Code

I'll pick up some hamster treats next time I go shopping. Aren't you worried that PETA's going to find out about this and, like, spraypaint the forums or something saying "Free the Hamsters" and "Hamsters are our Little Fuzzy Friends!!"

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