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Originally Posted by RoxStar View Post
"Everyone" being one Super Moderator?

This isn't the first time, either. Am I really that cryptic?

In the time period before this thread, when anyone talked about ignore lists, it was always "oh, well you can't put mods on ignore lists." There was never any reasoning behind it.

Also, I love Moeller. I would never say anything offensive to him without it being a joke.

Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
No, EnderWiggin is not talking about him. Personally, I believe he wants to ignore me. My feeling are hurt.
Nah, mimartin, if I ignore you then where will I get financial advice?

Originally Posted by Jae Onasi View Post
*Jae pats mimartin* There, there, dear, I'm sure he was meaning me and not you. Or maybe Bee Hoon, but definitely not you.
Oh yeah, Jae. You and Bee and I, we really get into brawls sometimes

Originally Posted by tk102 View Post
It doesn't. This site is actually powered by hamsters. We just put the little vB footer at the bottom for street cred.
Oh, well thanks Teekay! Now I get it.


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Yes, I hate you.

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