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Originally Posted by Gikaar View Post
How would I go about changing a specific move that is part of a style? What I would like to do is replace the Strong Attack in the Seven Thunders style with the Strong Attack from Divine Void, or Black Mantis Is that possible?
Hi Gikaar! Glad you're trying out our efforts. In response to the question above... it is impossible, unfortunately.

The code for the animations is blocked together in chunks, and you can't mix and match the parts of the chunks with each other without actually switching styles in-game like you would do with a harmonic combo.

What you CAN do is change around the parts of the chunks with each other in the same block to switch around animations, like making the power attack into the area attack, as I did with the Divine Void style. All the martial styles I made were based off of existing single styles in the game, and I changed and tweaked stuff around using this technique.

BTW, Sorry my download links didn't work for you the first time... I guess we could blame

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