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Heyo again everyone! I've been doing some shuffling around and searching, after some much appreciated help from Stoffe, and I've come up against another road block. I have the several style mods I'd like to make use of together, and so I know I need to compile the files that they share, mainly the stylesuperlist.2da and the dialog.tlk files. I have no problems yet with the 2da file, as I can use WinMerge to open and compare seperate copies to check for discrepencies between the two, however, I've stumbled a bit on the dialog.tlk file editing. I can use Stoffe's great TLK v4.0 File Editor to compare and edit existing dialog.tlk files, but I have no idea how to find the areas in which the mod creaters did their additional script lines. I mean, there are upwards of 130740 scripts in that file! Any insight as to how to go about this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading my post!
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