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Originally Posted by Rogue Nine View Post
I love how when Garfield can't refute any of my points directly, he ignores them and goes on to spew more conservative talking points.
It's more of that I usually ignore you in general, because the conversation typically devolves into a brawl.

Originally Posted by PastramiX
I really don't need to ask for a source here, right?
Are you going to read it this time, cause contrary to what some people here would like to believe, I really don't enjoy repeating myself over and over.

Originally Posted by PastramiX
And your conservative worldview makes you incapable of admitting the truth and making **** up.
I fail to see your logic in claiming Bush is the anti-Christ to be even remotely factual. Nor is the Bush being out to take over the world argument...

Seriously, I would post the 9/11 argument about Bill Ayers which one of you accused me of making up, but I'd probably be infracted for spam.

Originally Posted by PastramiX
Please source where Obama wants to completely destroy the Constitution. Your blind, ignorant hate speech prevails yet again.
Didn't I post audio from a radio program in Kavar's the last time you challenged me when I said Obama was for income redistribution. Then there is the item that the Democrats are trying to push through known as the "Fairness" Doctrine which is really the Censorship Doctrine, and if Obama was really against it why is he appointing people that want it reinstated this time to shut down talk radio?

Originally Posted by PastramiX
So using conservative blogs to bash liberals is somehow fine and tolerant. Excellent hypocrisy, sir.
It's more of if someone is going to act like a 3 year old, I'm going to treat them like a three year old. There is such a thing as right and wrong, and excuse me if I value my 1st and 2nd Amendment rights.

Originally Posted by PastramiX
BS. Disliking someone's policies does justify using tactical hate speech against them. How would you like it if someone took your ethnicity, caricatured it, and compared it with mass murderers? Feelin' cool with that?
You feeling cool with the fact the Liberal Left (I believe you did as well), compared Bush to Hitler. (If I'm mistaken on you specifically saying that then I apologize to you PastramiX, but I do remember someone here doing so.

Originally Posted by EnderWiggin
****. Really? You resort to a ****ing "I know you are but what am I?" retort? I actually can't ****ing believe this.

You, good sir, are a child.
Well at least I'm acting like an adult then, considering I rarely swear here at all, and you did it 3 times in two sentences.

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