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Originally Posted by Ghost Down View Post
Will you release the armors seperatly?
Originally Posted by Mandalore The Shadow View Post
Redrob i love you mandalorians are by far my favorite star wars group and you just made them better tenfold
Originally Posted by Te Mirdala Mand'alor View Post
Could you release that mod at the same time as or just after the RoR mod is released? Cause I don't want to change my entire game completely (I like small changes when it concerns the plot), but I was speechless when I saw that armor. I couldn't even find a smiley to match my excitement when I saw them! Listen to me, I'm rambling, anyway... gotta have those armors! Your work is the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It seems pretty consistent that people want to have the armours as a stand alone mod. Well, I certainly want to, but I really think that they would be cooler as part of the whole story. I wouldn't want to create any .uti mod conflicts, so I will definately wait untill after RoR is released (at least part 1), but I should be able to release a stand alone armour pack someday.

I think that for me, RoR (like other huge story mods) will be in a separate Override directory, and all my small mods will be in a backup Override (I just rename the folder so that I can pick which group of mods I want to use). I'll probably make several smaller packs (like the playable Rattataki and other aliens) that can be mixed and matched .

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