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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
It's more of that I usually ignore you in general, because the conversation typically devolves into a brawl.
Maybe if you actually debated without resorting to faulty conjecture or failed logic and learned to use basic reading comprehension, we'd actually have a reasonable conversation. As you've proved now and in the past, you are utterly incapable of doing so and thus only have yourself to blame for the conversation 'devolving'.

Or maybe you're just ignoring me because you really can't refute what I've said, which is also just as likely, given that you've clammed up before when people have posted things that you can't reasonably respond to. Not that any of your responses can be classified as 'reasonable' anyway.

Whichever reason it is you have for ignoring me, it's dishonest and you really need to stop.
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