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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
I'm not pushing for impeachment unless it can be proved that he committed an impeachable offense, what I would like is for him to get new vetters for choosing appointees.
And if he doesn't? I'm not sure what any of us can do about it.

If the folks he appoints are found to be guilty of the things they are accused of, they will no doubt be removed and replaced. But I don't suspect the replacements will make the conservatives any happier... Because, even if they have spotless records: They are still going to be liberal democrats no matter the vetting process.

And if these folks aren't found to be guilty (or are never even brought up on charges) then what? What power do we have to "un-appoint" them?

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
That said, if Obama committed bribery, then public opinion or no Public Opinion the Constitution defines it as an impeachable offense.
So is lying under oath... but Clinton walked away from his proceedings to finish his term. And the process wasn't exactly popular with the public (outside of a select conservative base, that is.) We'll never know what the public reaction would have been had he been removed from office. I think it could have been truly ugly... and he was far less popular at the time than Obama is now.

I personally think Obama is far too politically savvy to ever get his fingers dirty in that way. But good luck and have fun trying to make it stick...

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
Sorry if I'm not falling for the Obama is the second-coming garbage.
Never claimed he was.
He's just an astute politician who is popular with a large part of the electorate right now. But he's just a man, and an American politician... with all the baggage that implies.

I happen to agree with some of his political stances, and I'm willing to give him a chance to try to prove himself before trying to run him out of office on innuendo, incrimination by association, and largely baseless speculations about his ethics. (My personal attitude being: that if you set the ethical bar high enough, NO politician would survive... and possibly NO American citizen could ever possibly hold higher office.)

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