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Chapter 4

The starting of the loud engine roused me from my clouded thoughts. I looked over to the young woman sitting next to me, taking in the beauty of her almond brown eyes and shiny brown hair. My apprehension at the coming mission was like the noise of a roaring waterfall that I could not block out. Rearranging myself in the co-pilots seat to make myself a little more comfortable, I reached out to the repulsorlift ignition switch and flipped it down. With a soft hum, our repulsorlifts engaged and we lifted slowly into the air. Glancing out the front viewport, I saw Han and Leia, one hand around each others waist, waving up at us as we left. I smiled back at them, and waved as well. I glanced over at Jaina and noticed she wasn't smiling at all. I sent her another message of happiness and peace, and she seemed to relax a little in her seat. She let out a deep sigh.

"That's a really nice talent you have there, Ghel."

She turned to me and smiled.

I shrugged my shoulders, "It comes naturally too me. Master Skywalker believes it is a unique ability, and it is one that not even he can achieve at this time. For some reason, I can access peoples emotions even when they are shut down completely."

She giggled softly. "Well, I'm just glad to have you along."

I settled back in my seat and relaxed my shoulders. The long flight ahead would allow me to try out the new jedi meditation technique that Master Skywalker had taught me only days before. Standing up, I retreated to the main hold of the ship, and sent Jaina a telepathic message that I would be in a meditation trance for a few hours. I sat down in the center of the hold and crossed my legs. Slowly releasing all tension in my muscles I dropped into a state of hibernation.

Using the Force, I augmented my memory and brought memories from my past to the forefront of my councious thought. For nearly three hours, I studied everything that I was and had become, I pointed out flaws in myself that I wished to change, and things that were good in me, that would hopefully stay the same. When I was almost ready to drop the trance and return to the land of the living, a crystal clear image that I had never seen before sprang up behind my closed eyelids.

I was in a metal holding cell, of standard imperial design, but old, rusty and delapidated. Suddenly, the door slid open and two armed guards threw a hunched and bloodied body into my cell. I rushed forward and caught the falling body. Without looking, I sensed that I knew this person from somewhere. I turned the body over, and Jaina's bloody and ragged face stared up at me. Her face was bruised and her eyes were half-shut with pain. She was breathing raggedly, almost panting for breath, and I knew something was wrong.

"What happened?" I whispered in a pained voice.

She shook her head and raised a finger to my mouth.

"My time has come. Tell my mother... Tell my mother I love her. Dad too."

I shook my head and told her she could not die on me now.

"Goodbye, my love."

Her head lolled backwards onto my chest and rested there, eyes open, staring endlessly at the ceiling.

With a gasp of breath, I opened my eyes and stared around the compartment.

Jaina was standing in the doorway to the cockpit, staring at me with a discomforted air. She smiled slightly when she saw I had come back to reality, then walked around behind me and settled down on her hands and knees and started massaging my back.

"Are you okay?" she asked quietly.

"I am now." I replied.

"You had a vision."

It wasn't a question. She knew I had experienced something, and she probably knew it was bad, due to my pained expression and unusual return to normality. I nodded solemnly.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

She asked me in a tone that said she wanted to know, but didn't want to intrude unless I felt like sharing. I stood up, then pulled her to her feet.

"I will tell you. But first, I'd like to take a shower. I'm covered in sweat."

I walked past her back to the sleeping quarters, and I could feel her eyes following my muscular form until I disappeared from view. I grabbed a towel from my quarters and proceeded to the refresher. A minute later, I stood in the sonic shower, hands covering my face, reflecting on my vision.

I had never experienced a vision before, and the nature of my first led me to never want to have it happen again. Suddenly, I remembered the last thing she had said to me in my vision. My love, she called me. Smiling, I flipped the switch on the sonic shower and gingerly stepped out of the stall. I called the towel to me with the Force and had barely tied it around my waist when Jaina came through the door. She blushed slightly for just a moment, but then recovered her poise and said, "We're coming out of hyperspace into the Teneb System."

I nodded, and she left, closing the door behind her so I could change in peace. I quickly put my flight suit back on headed forward to the cockpit. I sat down, and Jaina pulled the lever dropping us back into realspace. We emerged on the edge of what had recently been a massive space battle. The wreckage was spread out as far as the eye could see, and probably farther.

I looked over at Jaina in disbelief, a look that was echoed on her face. A battle this big hasn't been fought since Endor. I thought to myself. We carved a swath through the debris, slipping around the shattered hulls of endless Nebulon-B's and Imperial Star Destroyers. Suddenly, out of the gloom, a massive hulk of what looked like Star Destroyer wreckage floated past us. Inscripted in massive letters that were covered in blaster scarring and other damage was the word Extractor, the flagship of Admiral Defth of the Galactic Alliance 6th Fleet. Horror radiated from Jaina through the Force.

"No.." she began. "Who has the firepower to wipe out an entire GAG fleet?"

I shook my head.

"It seems impossible that those pirates could have done so much damage, but this is where we're supposed to start looking for them."

She glanced at the scanners, which had begun to beep.

"I don't think we're going to need to find them. It looks like they've already found us."

Chapter 12 of Renewal released!

Chapter 2 of Heir to the Force released!
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