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Originally Posted by Qliveur View Post
You are correct; they do apply, and for the same reasons it can also be said that there is no logical reason why polygamy between a group of consenting adults should be illegal, either.
Moral issues aside, polygamy is a legal nightmare.

What if one of them wants to divorce? Well, then how to you split up the belongings? How do the children get split?

Once you introduce another party or more, suddenly things are not as easy as 50/50.

Now, I've seen couples who have been together, but had a third person in the household. While I have nothing against polygamy that works, I just fear for the American legal system when it has to deal with 6 people trying to divorce and split children, belongings, etc.

If we can figure out a way that works, then I'm fine with it. But, as it stands, polygamy just puts too much strain on the legal side of the issue. With the current legal system, it just can't be done. It would require a complete overhaul, which would be expensive, time consuming, and the end result would be legally questionable.
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