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Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
Seldom is there any threads saying "McCain's fascist policies ban marriage" or like. Few "liberals" create threads designed to discredit every single aspect of Republicans, conservatives, and the like, which has been the complete opposite of every single thread of yours.
Where have you been? I've seen people bash McCain, bash Palin, hurl stuff they knew wasn't true. (and I'm going to stop there unless I get it in writing that I'm not going to be infracted for pointing out the rest of it.

Originally Posted by PastramiX
But the Barack Hussein Osama thing is okay?

I'd say it's borderline, Hussein is his middle name, not sure if they were making a reference to Bin Laden deliberately or if it was a typo.

Originally Posted by PastramiX
Forgive me if I can't comprehend your superior logic.But you're willing to use biased sites such as Newsbusters and LittleGreenFootballs? Wouldn't that be hypocritical?
Glad you asked, there is a difference, most news sites anymore just throw up whatever the AP or Reuters says without checking it. Newsbusters has a tendency to source things when they put up their take on something, whether that be video, audio, etc. Usually they use left-wing sources in that regard so you can usually find both sides from the article or have a reference to find both sides. The mainstream media by and large does not do this, which is why I'd take Newsbusters as a source over most of the media.

Littlegreenfootballs is an interesting source, I'm aware of its bias, I'm also aware of its track record at uncovering things and catching 'reputable' news agencies of out and out lying. I usually have to read a second source before I use littlegreenfootballs, but there is a decent track record there for a blog site.

Originally Posted by jmac7142 View Post
you also dont consider cnn, bbc, ap, reuters, and pretty much every major news organization valid sources if they disagree with you so uhh **** you and everyone like you
I don't consider CNN a valid News source, and the fact they got caught at distorting a story to make average Americans look like racists. Reuters and the AP got caught out and out taking bogus photos during the Israeli/Lebanon War (photos that some 5 year olds could have done a better job) and post it up as the gospel truth. (Littlegreenfootballs was one of the conservative bloggers that caught them at it and called them on it)

BBC got nailed for the same incident, as did CNN and later Reuters admitted the photos had been doctored.

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