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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
For the record, there were a number of incidents where a certain staff member went in and deleted posts where I provided sources.
While I don't believe you, I also don't see how that applies to every single one of your posts.

Because normally the media won't point that stuff out, and on the flipside you guys constantly bash conservatives, if I had a dollar for all the times you guys pushed for Bush being prosecuted I could retire a millionare.
Does Bush represent the entire conservative movement?

See, Garfield, you have his problem of associating people and comments towards an entire group instead of realizing that sometimes people can be picked out individually.

You, however, just see anyone who criticized Bush as a liberal in your typical black and white, hate-mongering mind set.

Problem with that analogy is that I'm not exagerating at all, in order to be a fear-monger I would have to using it to just be trying to inspire fear to accomplish a hidden agenda, which is not it, I'm honestly scared to death based on the information I've found and honestly wish it was wrong, but the more I've found the more my fears are confirmed.
Ah, so you aren't the fear monger. You've just bought into the actual fear mongers.

Well, in that case I pity you.

I tend not to let people who actively insult me especially when my views differ from theirs know too much about me.
Which is why you are being insulted. Funny how that works.

I've actually refrained a lot from retailiatory insults towards people on the forums until recently because quite frankly I've been pushed a bit too far.
I believe the rest of the forum agrees as well; you have pushed us too far.

Actually I've got problems with some conservatives, I don't often agree with Rush, there are some issues I do agree with him on, I think Ann Coulter is on the fringe. That said, I don't think it's appropriate to call Ms. Coulter a bitch because of her political beliefs.
Political beliefs? She said horrific things about jews.

Didn't you create an entire thread trying to point out how terrible a person or group is for believing that?

You're just going soft on her because she is on your side of the board, admit it.

So now you're accusing me of being a hate-monger? What next you going to play the race card...
Why play the race card? You haven't insulted any races yet.

You use this board to propagate hate-speech towards liberals and the left. Simple as that.

Likewise it isn't you or other liberal's propaganda stand either, or its not supposed to be.
And we debated before you arrived in Kavars, and Senate appreciates the jump start you gave it but not the heart you replaced it with.

No, if you'll note part of what they said was sarcasm and actually taking a shot at you guys, if Toten/Tommycat have a problem they'd pm me in private.
Yeah, keep telling yourself that. I can tell you right now that Tommy wants nothing to do with you.

I actually just think you people have arrived at the wrong conclusions or misinterpreted facts, I don't think I'm inheritances better than any other human being.
Nah, but politically you do. Hence why you tried so hard to get Skin to admit that "you knew more about American politics" than him.

I'd say this is just a dick waving contest to you, but seeing as you seem to do this out of a crippling fear of liberals and the left I'm going to go ahead and just assume it is run of the mill paranoia.

Sound good?

Kavars' was destroyed to begin with even before I became active there, there was a long history of staff members abusing their powers there.
I think you'll find it interesting to know that a lot of the trouble people have with the staff in Kavars was over our special treatment of -you-.

The Contact Staff forum maybe I used the nuke option too much
We closed it down because of you. Need anymore hints?

but bear in mind I had lost all faith in the integrity of the general staff of Lucasforums with a few exceptions.
Then why stick around?

And without me, Tommycat, and Toten, this place would be nothing more than a giant left wing blog.
GTA an Tommy I respect. Toten I'm getting to know, but he is at least reasonable.

You are just a paranoid posting in this forum to preach the word you seem to have somehow figured out. You are in fact using this as a blog by your own admittance, and are not here to debate as you seem to have a crippling fear of liberals.

Correct me if I'm wrong on any of the above.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why he would say that (because he knew it would cost Obama the election).
Really? The guy who was RUNNING AGAINST HIM for president said something that wouldn't cost him the election?

It isn't a scare tactic, and you're taking some of what was said out of context, and Fox News provided some pretty good evidence to prove the Socialism part.
Yes, good ol Fox News. Good to see they still don't know what a socialist is, or realize they are already and have been for a long time in a socialist republic.

Ever heard of police officers? Roads? Firemen?

Socialism is here Garfield, and has been for a long time. You've ignored that every time its been posted, but one more time wouldn't hurt.

Something tells me you're taking what was said way out of context and it wasn't quite what they said.

Sean has asked why isn't Obama proud of this country and point out we beat back "Fascism."
You know, I'd post a video proving you wrong...

But you'd just discount it as being edited due to your crippling paranoia so I'm not going to bother and just go right to the point:

Sorry, you're wrong.

It's more of don't have to because I know there will already be a topic on the forum and at least 5-6 posts in it by the time I first see the article.
Funny, because other than religious threads I don't see too many on the first page attacking conservatives.

By my count, 5.

You, however, have made almost 20 aimed at liberals, obama, and the left.

So, despite your heavily flawed logic, you are the one posting the hate-speech toward liberals here far more then it has been aimed at conservatives since you've arrived.

You can go ahead and recount the first page, but you'll find you outnumber everyone in threads.

Actually, I know I'm not trolling and I can back that part up cause I looked up the definition.
Sorry, your "i took a college class!" excuses aren't going to work anymore.

You're trolling, mainly out of crippling paranoia. Again, it doesn't matter if that is what you think you are doing or not.

You're still doing it.

And there is a case where an MSNBC news affiliate got sued for an employee splicing together a video to make it look like a Fox Employee referred to Mr. Holder as a baboon. Unless I actually see it on Fox News I tend to be hesitant to believe what I see is said to have been said on Fox News because of that reason (especially since there has been a pattern of this).
And I saw Fox News run footage of a pedophile senator recently found out, who was a republican, but Fox the entire day refered to him as a Democrat.

I showed you these clips from multiple angles, camera, shows, etc and you discredited them all to being "fake".

You sir are so crippled by your paranoia that logic and reasoning has left you, despite what you believe. You are not making reasoned arguments here. You are not following any coherent logic.

Garfield, just because you've reached some kind of conclusion does not make that conclusion true. Sorry, but that is the truth. That is why we debate, and why Kavars and Senate exist.

If you, by your admittance, have found things that are leaving you scared for your life that basically means that reason has left you, you have total bias towards your own beliefs and opinions, and are not here to debate or attempt to reform your beliefs.

You are using this place as your blog, and by extension trolling. I could care less about Tommy or Toten in this situation because this is about you and your paranoid lack of reason, not about the conservatives on this board.

You. Not the conservatives.
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