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Originally Posted by Qliveur View Post
That's what it was called: Van Buren. I'd forgotten.

Since the same guys who worked on Van Buren are making this game, I'm wondering if Fallout: New Vegas will actually be Van Buren, and therefore the real Fallout 3.
Highly unlikely. As much as Hindes has said they let Obsidian run with their own ideas, I imagine there are still boundaries. Plus I'm not even sure whether Obsidian themselves would want to do it. Remember that Obsidian isn't Black Isle, it just has some of the people from there. Arguably the most important people from the Fallout team went to Troika.

There's some info on Van Buren's plot on the Wikipedia page. A tech demo was leaked if you want to check it out - you can grab it from NMA. There are also various videos of it on YouTube.
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