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He did, actually. You don't get to say 'nuh-uh' without directly refuting his points. It's a most Garfield-esque tactic.
Actually, you're incorrect. He merely pronounced sentence on Garf and called him ignorant. There was effectively nothing to refute. Garf can defend himself. Seeing as how you ignore points/arguments that are inconvenient and then proceed to move on to name calling/flaming, you're hardly in a postion to bitch about technique.

Again, you don't just get to say 'no' without backing it up. Allowing gay marriage does not logically cause the legalization of polygamy. You have yet to show how it does because that is the entire crux of your argument. Until you do so, you have committed a fallacy and are wrong.
Once again, you (and that *asshat* _EW_---coming from him that's probably a compliment ) are quick to slot people's arguments into your little pigeon hole w/regard to what they said. I've no obligation to defend myself against such strawmen. Read what I wrote and stop imposing your agenda driven inferences about what I said and then we can continue. Till then, you're just wasting everyone's time.

I understood your point about societal norms. It is true that most of society doesn't consider 'homosexuality' normal and that change will likely come slowly. But this is still not a reason to deny homosexual marriage.
Then you clearly missed the point. My point wasn't whether or not societal norms were a reason to legalize anything. I demonstrated that as well. You're clearly viewing everything only through the lens that it's a direct argument for or against. Given that you never set really tight parameters for the discussion in your initial post, you'll have to forgive me for thinking the conversation was a little more nuanced than that.

If I am, in your eyes, using cheap shots, how is this not hypocritical?
What does that have to do with anything? You started off your diatribe with a cheap shot and I noticed. What of it?

I would be inclined to disagree. Perhaps you would like to explain how ""Afterall, if two gay adults can "marry" than why stop there"" is not a slippery slope argument?
Well, surprise, surprise. The slippery slope argument doesn't apply. The argument made is basically based on the concept of "equal protection under the law". How allowing homosexuals the right to marry but not polygamists is merely replacing one form of bigotry for another. How rational is that when we're talking about consenting adults? Why would that even bother you anyway? You don't like polygamy?

Ahh, of course. It wasn't that I read and understood your argument, and then ascertained that it was impertinent, it must be that it went over my head. By all means, continue with what you berated me for, your grace.
As Niner said - it wasn't an incorrect point, but it is irrelevant to the argument progressing.
Oh, it was inconvenient to your collective diatribe. So sorry, m'lord.

You don't need to have the majority of society believe something is ok for it to be enacted into law. Just enough of a plurality.
Fail to see how this is... even important, actually. You do know this thread is discussing why gay marriage should be legalized (or not) right?
Or is this supposed to be going somewhere?
Merely explaining my position, exalted professor.

EDIT:: Also, the jury came back....
As if the verdict of a kangaroo court were somehow relevant. Priceless.

Originally Posted by jmac
if you look at it from another perspective, heterosexuals are able to marry the person they love/want to get a tax break with/get drunk enough to love/in a vegas chapel with an elvis impersonator with for an hour and homosexuals aren't, which kind of brings me to my next point that marriage is far from sacred now anyway so uh **** it why not
Well, from yet another perspective, even heteros aren't always allowed to marry those people. He/she could already be married to someone else, underage, etc... Big freaking deal. Life's unfair sometimes.

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