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Without wanting to put myself in the firing line, I can completely understand how the (ignorant, yes) comments Shem received came about - oh, and bear in mind that this entire thread is based around reading things properly

Yes, KOTOR & TSL are RPGs, which is great to those of us who actually understand that concept. And therefore, we appreciate that dialogue is, for a good RPG (IMHO) where the whole game is at. Others feel that RPGs are all about levelling up, collecting gold and rinse & repeating, not really querying the whole Role-Playing thing. That's not to say they're wrong, these are two different sides of the same coin.

The point here though, is that KOTOR & TSL are Star Wars, and that means that loads of casual gamers, who don't necessarily have a favourite genre but who perhaps go off magazine scores and whatnot, bought the games, in droves. As such, they're more interested in cut-scenes and then fighting stuff. Yes, that's a massive generalisation, but it's also true to a varying degree. One over-riding factor is that a lot of people play these games just because they are Star Wars - and sadly, for many now, Star Wars is episodes 1, 2 & 3, and on top of that, for another whole segment of people, they're action movies and nothing more.

I know nothing about cars, but I sometimes really enjoy driving games. I bet there are people out there who would post on their forums about how I wasn't playing a driving sim properly because I didn't look at all the different engine and gear systems I could use, I just clicked whatever was at the top of the list. Did it diminish my enjoyment of the game? Possibly, but I'd never know unless someone else pointed it out to me.

Kreia states that she trained Revan, when you've gained enough influence, if you didn't read other info properly (or even if you just did this early enough on in the game) and you knew just, but only just enough about KOTOR, then perhaps it's not too amazing a logical jump to believe the mistaken rumours. Hey, Kreia and Bastilla both have pigtailed hair, too.

All of that aside, though, the guy insulting Shem for being a 'fat gaming nerd'? King of Clevertown, well done him. I like people who reward those who take the time to help them by slapping them in the face. They tend to make me feel a lot better about myself

And @Adavardes (post # 32) - right there with you, I couldn't agree more. Personally, I feel a little sad for those who feel that there was a tangible 'love' story in the first KOTOR - but hey, this is a computer RPG, so I suppose what there was counts.
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