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Originally Posted by KlaelDemon View Post
I can use Stoffe's great TLK v4.0 File Editor to compare and edit existing dialog.tlk files, but I have no idea how to find the areas in which the mod creaters did their additional script lines. I mean, there are upwards of 130740 scripts in that file! Any insight as to how to go about this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading my post!
Maybe I can be of some aid.

If you are looking for where the modcreators stuck their texts in, all you have to do is check out stylesuperlist.2da. The first two columns are tags to direct the game to look for texts that are inside dialog.tlk

For example, in a vanilla version of stylesuperlist.2da, the first line with any references to dialog.tlk is #1, which is labeled Support_Paralyzing, which is of course the support style "Paralyzing Palm". If you look at the first two columns of that line you'll see "NameRef" and "DescRef", which are the entry numbers of dialog.tlk that refer to the in-game appearance of the name and description of the style.

Using the example above, if we use the NameRef of line #1, which is entry number 18443 as it appears in the table, we can open up dialog.tlk with your editor from Stoffe, and go to the 18443 entry and see the words "Paralyzing Palm". That's how the 2da works. If we went to entry 35209 in dialog.tlk, you would see the description for the style.

Knowing this, we can reverse-engineer the dialog.tlk's from the modcreators, and find out where and what the text they added can be found, and copy-pasted into a new dialog.tlk that you can use to merge all of the mods into one. Just look at their various superstylelist.2da's and trace it back with the Dialog.tlk editor.

It's not so hard once you know what to do. Five minutes of copy-pasting, and you'll be on your way!

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