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Originally posted by Garfield
And without me, Tommycat, and Toten, this place would be nothing more than a giant left wing blog.
Unless of course the more centrists among us would start posting our conservative oppinions when we no longer feel we are defending asshatt arguments (from either side) by doing so.

Originally posted by Garfield
It isn't a scare tactic, and you're taking some of what was said out of context, and Fox News provided some pretty good evidence to prove the Socialism part.
I'd be interested in seeing the arguments that Obama is a socialist, as far as I can see he is somewhere betwen right and centre-right.

Originally posted by Avery
Socialism is here Garfield, and has been for a long time.
Really? That's a bit like saying the USSR was Capitalistic because they had some free markets. Every country in the world has taken a bit of each philosophy, the US being no exception, but the bit it took from Capitalism was far larger than the one it got from Socialism
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