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As far as gay marriage is concerned we need to have an amendment that every eight to twelve years, or however long it'd be till a new group of voters that have turned eighteen would vote on it. All at once every state individually would vote to either have gay marriage or not. If you marry in a state, are of the same gender, and lets say that state were to afterwards ban gay marriage. It shouldn't mean your marriage is invalid. And you should be able to re-marry in all states regardless of a ban on gay marriage. Besides re-marrying is simply a reafirming of the decision you both already made. You both already have a civil union. It'd make no sense to say your married at one point and not at others.

But if you want to marry and do not before the ban of course you cannot marry in that state to which it is banned. But like I said if you are re-marrying then you should in all states. Let people live their lives. No government official state or national officials should dictate the will of the people. The American public should vote and decide. The only thing the elected officials have a part in this amendment is signing into law for that state for the eight to twelve years whether gay marriage is legal or not in that state.

I mean guys I at least think this makes sense. I think we should be fair to both sides as best as we can. Let's say a couple of the same gender in California wants to remarry in Hawaii while on vacation. They are already married. So let's not say they can't reafirm a decision that was already approved of. Let the people decide. Not the state or federal government. An elected official has their one vote. They shouldn't take their one vote and run over the will of the people. But in this case to be fair one side should be given time for their decision to count and the other can have their turn too. But lets not disenfranchise those who made their decision prior to a ban. I'm trying to be fair. Does this sound fair? Regardless of your moral stance you should uphold the law and Constitution. I mean that's the job of the elected official when they take the oath. Just trying to be fair.

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