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With the tea parties in general I feel people have chosen their sides on the issue and each have their own adgenda against the other.

The media feels it's just a Republican movement who just hate Obama, and is just playing politics, and few showed at the rallies.

On the other hand those at the tea parties have said they feel both Bush, Obama, both congresses of both Republican and Democrates from 2004-2008 and now are at fault for the debt, current problems with the economy, and feel they are against both parties actions.

Really it becomes a matter of opinion. One side feels the other is just playing politics and the other feels the same about the other. And it is hard to tell who is lying nad who is telling the truth. Sides will say there were only a few thousand and tens of thousands. While the other says no there were hundreds of thousands.

So I feel to see who is wrong or right just wait for the 2010 elections. If the tea parties are not just playing politics we can expect those same individuals to vote out elected officials on both sides. If it's not a big movement we'll see in 2010 not much of a difference with who is currently in power on both sides. Meaning the same people's on both sides will still be there. The majority will say if they side with one side or another. So as for me I'd wait till the 2010 election since we have such a distrust for the main stream media one one side, Fox on the other with talk radio included, and in general people don't know who to trust in my opinion. So results will tell in my opinion.

One side will give figures with the tea parties, and the other will too. So just know what you believe is right, vote, and see what the result is. I'm a big believer in letting people think for themselves and making up their own mind. So many have an adgenda on both sides. One side could say they are telling the truth and the other could say that side is lying. Focus on results since that is the one evidence that cannot lie at the polls.

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