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You need to grip each ring with the R2 button and then rotate them so that they are aligned in the way you see them when the superlaser is firing (all centred) - now, each requires manipulation in a different direction.

When I made a run-through to write this, I had to rotate the smallest one using 'up' with the left analogue stick, the middle one 'down' on the same stick, and the largest one had to go left/right.

Of course, the difficulty arises in the whole thing being 'timed' - all your work will be undone when the laser fires, so you need to get it done in-between firings (and get out of the way soon afterwards!).

If you succeed, a pair of walkways will extend from other side. Get across these by doing the 'jump, jump, sprint' (X, X, L1) combo while moving forward. You'll come to another set of rings - should move in the same way.

Hope that helps!

BTW - welcome to the forum!

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