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Sorry Garfield, I may be a more conservative element on this board, but... Sometimes I wonder if you are really a conservative. There are times when you seem to do more harm to conservatives than good.

This problem is not strictly conservative versus liberal, nor Democrat versus Republican. It's about jobs, and taxes. The deficit affects everyone. If not now in the future. Everyone talks about taxing the rich. It sounds great to tell people that you just want to tax the uber wealthy. Those people end up raising costs to consumers to make up for their lifestyle, so by taxing them we tax ourselves. Or worse, they end up laying off personnel to keep themselves afloat(depending on the business).

The cause was not Republican or Democrat. It was our government. It was the spend crazy government. Tax and spend Dems, and the deficit and spend Republicans. It was the whole mentality of those in office that feel like it's ok to keep tacking on more and more pork projects. It's the lobbyists. The congresspersons. At least 3 presidents(now 4). And many of us are just flat out tired of it. That's what the Tea Parties were about. Our taxes are going to pay for people that do not represent us. They represent their lobbyists.

Soap box - that's where this is right now.
Ballot box - Likely the next step
Jury box - hope it doesn't get here, because the next step is
Ammo box

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