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Chapter 5

I was almost tossed from my seat as Jaina launched us into a complex backwards roll. If the Artificial Gravity had been set any higher, I most likely would have been. I thought to myself. Her consciousness linked with mine as we engaged a Jedi Battle Meld. She told me to head back to man the turrets with her mind and I hopped out of my seat and ran for the turret ladders. I slid down the ladder until the artificial gravity kicked in again and I was suddenly crawling along the floor. I slipped into the gunner seat and powered up the quad-lasers. I sent a message back through the link saying that I was ready. Instead of replying, she flipped the craft end-for-end and headed straight towards the fighters. By that time, my lasers were already going full speed, strafing the shields of the lead fighter. I noticed that these were old model X-wings, like the kind flown by Master Skywalker back in his Rebellion days. I alerted Jaina to this through the meld. Once again, she didn't answer, so I returned to my duties.

The fighters, mostly old rebellion era models, continued to stream out from the debris field, chasing the freighter like a swarm of deadly wasps. We had only managed to survive so far because the debris we were dodging was taking all the hits for us. Jaina continued to dodge and weave through the asteroid field while I fired continuously at the oncoming fighters. So far I had managed to take almost a half dozen fighters down, but another dozen seemed to replace each fighter that was vaped. Suddenly, Jaina's voice echoed in my head. We're out of the debris field.

Moments later, I was almost thrown from my seat for the second time in less than ten minutes and the entire ship began to rattle and shake. I knew what had happened before I got confirmation, but my worst fears were realized when Jaina contacted me again. Tractor Beam.

I slipped out of the turret and jogged quickly back to the cockpit.

"What is it?" I asked.

She pointed. Floating out in space was the immense remains of a large space station, orbiting the 3rd planet in the system.

Darting past us, what remained of our attackers forces slipped into small crevices that could only be landing areas. Our ship was inexorably pulled slowly into one of the larger openings. Our landing struts settled on the dust covered docking bay's lightless interior.

"This is where the fun begins." I said with a slight grin.

She nodded and we both drew our lightsabers and proceeded out to where the loading ramp led off the ship. She slapped the button to lower the ramp and then activated her purple lightsaber. I took a second to calm myself and let out a sigh, then followed suit with my brilliantly green blade. She ran down the ramp, and immediately the blaster bolts started flying. I ran down to join her, my green blade flashing in all directions to redirect any fire that came my way. After a few more seconds of fighting in which a small group of the pirates were killed, I noticed that too many of their shots were going wide, and that's when I realized we had fallen for a trap. A sharp poke to the back and a massive amount of electricity raced up my spine and into my brain, and everything went black.

~ ~ ~

The first thing I noticed upon my return to consciousness was the terrible ache in the back of my head. The splitting headache was doing me no good, and I had incredible trouble just opening my eyes. Finally, I managed to crack them open enough for me to see where I was. Fear flooded through me as I realized that this was the cell from my vision. I managed to sit up, and that's when I noticed that Jaina wasn't in my cell with me. I would not have found this uncommon, except that I could smell her sweet scent on the air, and the cell had two cots. Almost as soon as I reached this conclusion, the door opened and a body was tossed inside. I caught the body, knowing it was Jaina, I was afraid to turn her over and see my vision realized, but I forced myself to face the truth. I flipped her over to find her face only a little sweaty, with a tired look on her face. Her eyes were closed, but I could tell by her breathing that she was not unconscious. She opened her eyes slowly.

"Its good to see a familiar face." She said with a small smile.

As relieved as I was too see her alive, I could not ignore that she had obviously been through some type of torture, though it was not as brutal as the one from my vision.

I ripped a small piece of my cloth shirt off and dipped it in the small water bowl that the two of us would be sharing for the rest of our confinement, then I lifted it too her forehead and wiped some of the grime off her face.

She sighed and leaned her head back on my knee.

"I thought I would never see you again. They said they were going to kill me."

She sat up and put her head on my shoulder and began to cry. I used the Force to soothe her and send her messages of comfort and companionship, but I did nothing to stop her sorrow.

Sometimes its better to let your emotions out.

She stopped crying for a second and looked into my eyes.

"Ghel, I have something to tell you.."

I stayed silent and waited for her to continue.

"Ever since the first time I met you, I've felt a connection."

I tried to look away from those brilliant hazel eyes, but couldn't force myself to do it.

"I felt it too.."

She was getting closer, much closer, until her face was almost touching mine.

"I love you." she whispered.

And then our lips met. I could not help but kiss her back. It was like blissful oblivion, like nothing I had ever felt before, almost as if the Force had taken on an earthly manifestation in our intertwined bodies.

She pulled back for a moment and stared into my eyes again.


"Ghel, if we die here, I want to die with you, loving you." Her speech was barely audible, and I heard it more through the Force than the material world.

"If we die here, it shall be together, as lovers." I said to her, continuing in the small whisper.

She leaned forward and gave me one final kiss, a lingering sensation on my lips, ran a hand across my cheek and whispered,

"good night, my love."

I watched her graceful form cross the small cell and lay down on the cramped cot.

I let out a breath I hadn't known I was holding.

That was... interesting. I thought to myself as I walked the few steps to my own cot and lay down to get some sleep.

Tomorrow is going to be a very interesting day.

Chapter 12 of Renewal released!

Chapter 2 of Heir to the Force released!

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