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JKLE_Cougar,when the whole thing of jke was started i noticed that the saber was just not how i wanted it and looked for a mod i had used back when i used to play jk and mots.the problem was as you said it overwrote the models but i found out through experimenting that if i put the gob of sbx inside my jke folder inside the jk base folder,the mod would run just like you saw in the screenshots.
since i bring up jke using the bat file the sbx for jk is inside my jke folder and the game brings up both mods together.
mots i wanted to see if it was possibile to put the new models in jke in mots and i found a way also the same with the new texture pack for jk as well and in my base folder of mots i have a folder named jkm,inside i have my sbx for mots and the jke.gob except renamed to goo.

chris i think put up a location for people to get it but i passed the 2 files to chris both sbx,but yes if im not mistaken i mustve gotten both files from massassi,back in who knows late 1999?maybe?
i cant remember when i got them,but i still kept them because of how it looked and and main thing of having the saber i the off mode in your hands,i never understood how lucasarts didnt make it that way.
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