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Just like the other topic about asking is there any good reason to believe in god I said I really don't think it can be proven. Same for here. For some it's a matter of faith and for others it's a matter of physical evidence to back up the claim of the man Jesus or existence of a god. To be objective I doubt anyone can provide proof either way other than saying there is lack or the other side saying here's all of these miracles. And again another man's miracle is another man's luck.

As for documentation I don't think we'd have much left to this day. People often in that day at least from NatGeo says they wrote on papyrus from a papaya tree. That would be long time dust already. Now there was that Gospel of Judas document supposedly bought in the Israel antiquities community. Which by the way has been known to have forgeries, those creating forgeries, and other such items. And this gospel of Judas at least to my knowledge is the only thing with mention of Jesus I've heard of. But again some guy back then could've been making a ancient forgery from back then that now is continued by another who wanted to make money off of the forgery. And all you can prove by carbon dating because pieces of the document from the special I saw were burnt to determine how old the document was. All they could determine is that this material was as old as so number of years leading back to that time period of the speculated Jesus's day. So again even with that all you can say is forgery or not this document came from around this time period.

So again I doubt there is any evidence of Jesus to prove, or evidence to disprove his existence. Again with some it's a matter of faith that doesn't require or cares to look at evidence or lack there of. While the other side wishes to have proof.

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