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Chapter One:

Ok, so this is the first chapter. It's nice to see people reading my fics for once.

Well, enjoy!

Chapter One:

"It all started when we got to this planet's polar ice cap . . . "

It was so soft. The bed of snow wrapped Rahn around like a blanket, and when he regained consciousness, he didn't want to get up. Finally, after so long he had comfort. Taking calm breaths, he rolled around in the soft ice.

It was only after a few seconds that the cold came to him. He jumped up as a shiver shot up his spine. Looking around on his knees, he found out that he was shivering. Rahn looked behind him and found that the shuttle that they had used to come here had crashed. Still in a daze, he crawled over to it and noticed that parts of it were still burning.

He quickly went to the fire, using it to restore warmth to his body. It wasn't enough, he was still freezing, and the fire would die out soon. He closed his eyes and felt the currents of the force. It was blurry, nowhere near as clear as it used to be, but it had been gradually coming back. He was able to feel a bump in the current, a small flicker of light. Focusing on it, he manipulated the area around him, transferring what little heat energy was in the snow into the fire.

Opening his eyes, Rahn noticed that the heat was now much more intense. He relaxed and sat there for a few minutes as his body regained energy. However, the heat began to dull his senses, and right before he dozed off again, he snapped out of it and got to his feet, surveying the area.

We're on some polar mesa, he observed. It was quite large, but he could notice huge black pillars that surrounded the area. From what Rahn could make out from where he was standing, they were unlike any he had seen. He could notice a small bump at the other side of the mesa. "It must be some sort of entrance into an underground facility," he thought aloud under his breath.

There was a groan, and Rahn swiftly turned around to see that Atton and Kreia were both getting up. Atton rubbed his head as he looked around. "Wha - where are we?" he groaned. Rahn noticed that his three companions were lying right next to the flames.

Rahn shook his head. "No idea. Apparently, this is where the Ebon Hawk is. I saw some sort of door on the other side of the area. We should check it out." He started pacing the area, his boots crunching against the crisp snow, the sound piercing the calm silence.

"I sense something here. We must go now. There is underground base here," whispered Kreia. Rahn inwardly cringed at her somewhat creepy voice. He had never liked that old hag, but she had saved their lives, so he kept her along. Besides, they didn't have much choice but to stick together.

Rahn walked towards the shuttle and found Bao-Dur lying in the snow. "He's been hit pretty hard. We have to get him some medical help." He quickly injected some medpacs into his bloodstream. "That should hold him off while we get help," said Rahn as he led the way.

They walked towards the entrance and descended into the underground facility through a staircase. Rahn and Atton dragged Bao-Dur together until they stopped at a door at the end of the staircase.

"Holy ****, this guy weighs a ton," grunted Atton as he and Rahn rested him against the wall. They were both sweating. After they took a breather, Rahn nodded towards Atton and they opened the door.

The first thing Rahn noticed was that they were in a circular room. There was a slightly mysterious bluish tinge to the area, and it was made entirely of steel with a stone formation in the centre. Rahn began to step forward. However, as he did so, about six women lunged out from behind the furniture and landed right in front of them. One of them pointed a vibrosword and Rahn's neck.

He was taken back and shocked. He looked out of the corner of his eye and saw that Atton had dropped into a fighting stance, but Kreia remained still.

"Drop your weapons," started one of the women, "and you will not be harmed."

"Who the hell are you?" demanded Rahn. The vibroblade pressed up against his skin. Getting the picture, he tossed his blaster to the floor, along with his vibroblade.

"Our mistress would like to see you," said the woman again.

"Look," started Rahn impatiently, "you've stolen my ship. I just came here to get it back. That's all I came here for."

The woman shook her head. "You are coming with us. Alone."

What's going on? They must know me, otherwise they wouldn't have stolen my ship, or they would have killed me the moment I came in here. Something's not right. Rahn reluctantly obliged.

__________________________________________________ ____________

Rahn was led into another almost identical circular room. The women leaved the room immediately.

"Wait!" he yelled after them, "where are you going?"

He grunted as they walked out, completely ignoring him. He heard footsteps behind him. And then a painfully familiar voice.

"So you have returned."

Rahn stood in shock, rooted to his spot. No. It couldn't be. He turned around and stared into the face of a woman who looked in her early thirties standing in front of him. She wore long white robes and had an air of arrogance around her.

Rahn's eyes suddenly became menacing. "Atris." It was a statement, not a question. It held no emotion, no anger or hate, no love. It was just a word, dead of expression.

"So you have returned from exile," started Atris bitterly, "and you have surely started with a bang. You've just killed twenty planets. I see you haven't changed."

What the hell? "I haven't done anything," said Rahn angrily.

Atris shook her head. "You have destroyed Peragus."

Rahn blinked, then shook his head. "You do you know that?" he whispered menacingly.

Atris gave a bitter laugh. "You have not changed. You still act before you think, put yourself before the galaxy. I know you have destroyed Peragus. And because of that, Citadel Station will fail. Because of that, Telos will fail. Because of that, twenty other worlds along the outer rim will be left dead."

Rahn nodded his head. "Yes, I know. But I didn't destroy Peragus."

"More lies!" spat Atris. "That is all you have ever done. Lie and betray. You betrayed the Jedi, betrayed the Order, betrayed me."

This time it was Rahn who gave the bitter laugh as he stared into Atris' eyes. "Yes. Yes, I betrayed the Jedi Order. But they betrayed the Republic."

There was a short silence. Finally, Rahn continued, "Whatever. What's done is done. I want you to tell me where my friends and my ship are."

Atris looked up from the ground. She had calmed down as well. "Your concern is noted. Your friends are unharmed.

Rahn nodded. "You know Atris, I didn't betray you," he said softly, yet with a hint of anger and contempt, "You're the one who betrayed me. Don't judge me. Don't you dare judge me. I have seen more than you can ever imagine. I have lived death, have lived hell, and have returned with as much sanity as one who has seen all I have can. You think that it was painful for you, on Coruscant, not knowing whether me, or any of your friends would ever come back?

Well I wasn't on Coruscant. I was on Duxn, on Serreco, on Endethron IV, on dozens of planets throughout the outer and mid rim - some of which are now desolate. And you know what? I stopped it from reaching the inner rim or the Core Systems. We all did. We fought like heroes. We were heroes. I was a hero. A hero that was treated like a villain."

Atris was slightly taken back by what he had said. "Do not use your bloodlust to defend your actions," she replied angrily. "You followed Revan because you wanted war. You wanted to test your skills. You are no better than the Mandalorians."

Suddenly, an anger rushed through Rahn's veins. In that last sentence, she had gone too far. "What," he growled, "did you just say?" There was such a hate in his eyes that even Atris was slightly afraid.

"You were no better than the Mandalorians," she said sternly, hiding her discomfort.

Rahn did the best he could to control his anger. "You say that offhandedly, don't you? You say that as if it carries no meaning? I have seen the Mandalorians in battle!" He started to yell. "I don't care what I've done, or how evil I am in your eyes, never, NEVER say that I am no better than the Mandalorians. I've seen Mandalorians slaughter innocent civilians! You don't know that horrors that I've seen. I've seen acts of such evil from the Mandalorians that I have been scarred for life. Don't you ever compare to those wild butchers without humanity!" he rasped. Atris was in shock at his reaction.

He continued, this time in a quieter tone, "You used to be different, you know? You used to be compassionate, wise, and kind. I don't know if you know, but I loved you." He gave a sarcastic laugh. "It seems so silly, to be talking about it ten years later. But do you remember the day we were sitting in the Jedi temple, and Revan approached us? When he told us his plans, I remember the utter shock on your face. And I remember that renewed sense of hope stirring within me. It was the day I had made my decision. And I don't regret a thing."

Atris stood there, rooted to the spot. She watched as the Exile stormed out of the room, leaving her there, alone.

__________________________________________________ ______

Ok, so there it is. I hope you guys enjoyed it. The next one will be up in a bit.

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