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About the money amount I was speaking hypothetically. Of course holding a billion would be far fetched to hold. Ah focusing on minor meaningless details. Yawn. Skinwalker thanks for your post. I agree. One functions on the unsean, the other deals with the physical, and believes what they can see and touch. And whatever you wish to say calling religous people whatever you want is your opinnion. They can have theirs of yours. You think well religon shouldn't be allowed to do this, and they vise versa all opinions and reasoning from the two viewpoints. Religous community thinks one way and science thinks another. They criticise each other. In the end with this each side already had their conclusions from the start. Nothing has been acomplished aside from energy used through the mind, and keystrokes of the fingers. Energy and time has been used. And to a final end both sides will think as they wish. One side might feel they won for having the final post, or another might feel they made a better argument, all in all nothing really constructive has occured. And threads with this same topic might be happening across the internet elsewhere. I can hypothosize this. Will one assume so or will one not. In the end with them the same outcome. Everyone has their minds made up, both sides believe as they will. Religon will think as they do regardless of lack of evidence, or anything of the physical. Science willl reject religon's claims and say what they will about the religous community. And again ohters see themselves as victors in a thread based on their reasoning, how they see things, etc. Again time used and energy also used to come to the same conclustions both sides originally had at the start. Both sides are closed minded though they say they are not. Because really both sides are incompatable to each other. Like an American device being plugged into a European outlit. Again nothing truly accomplished.

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