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Sorry, I figured you would understand the reason behind my nitpick. Obliviously you do not get it and I will quit wasting my and your time trying to explain it.

I’m of the Religious community and I would appreciate you not continuing to include us all in an illogical argument. I’m illogical enough on my own and this is not a one side of an argument or the other. The tread asked if a man named Jesus existed and I have yet to see any contemporary physical proof of a man named Jesus existents. About the closest thing I’ve been able to find is a block of limestone with the name of Pilate (as in Pontius Pilate) inscribed on it. This however, does not prove a man name Jesus existed, but it proves to me a man name Pilate existed and he was governor of ludaea.

Oh, I believe people have their minds made up given the current evidence. However, that does not mean people are so closed minded that they are not willing to rethink their position given new evidence. That is usually just us on the religious side that refuse to examine new evidence that goes against our beliefs.
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