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Sheriff Joe

In the land of Arizona we have a sheriff. A sheriff named Joe.

Joe likes to round up his posse and go to places where there are lots of brown people. Places with names like "Guadalupe" and "Avondale". When Joe and his posse get to the brown people places, they start pulling people over for minor infractions and then using it as an opportunity to check their immigration status.

Now I'm not going to argue whether or not brown people should be here illegally. What I am going to argue is that Sheriff Joe's actions constitute racial profiling and harassment. Thoughts or comments?

P.S. My ignore list will be temporarily amended for the purposes of this thread.

P.P.S. A google search for sheriff joe arpiao immigration should produce lots of juicy morsels. If anyone would prefer that I provide links, let me know and I will do so.
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