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Originally Posted by Cygnus Q'ol View Post
The original KotOR story is what made the game. Bioware is famous for the rich content of thier stories joined with the playability of the storytelling.
Not really. Take Episode IV's ending, combine it with a foreseeable plot twist, add mainly stereotypical characters, stir and serve chilled, and you have KotOR I. It's not exactly bad, but when RPGs are mainly story-oriented games, you'd better have a pretty decent plot if you want to go anywhere at all.
Quality and depth were exactly what TSL was missing when they followed up KotOR. It definately lacked that connection and impact that KotOR had.
I can see where you're coming from, but I'd most certainly challenge it. You're forgetting the puzzlebox that is the Influence system, which provides dozens of playthroughs in order to truly understand the characters fully. As for the general incompleteness... truly, I never really felt that way until the third act. Either way, the whole journey was oh-so enjoyable enough to completely ignore the plot holes.
...and Kreia! My God, she was the lamest, cryptic pain in the arse ever.
That's the whole point. She was a dynamic character, and probably one of the most interesting characters in the SW universe.
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