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Originally Posted by Cygnus Q'ol View Post
The original KotOR story is what made the game. Bioware is famous for the rich content of thier stories joined with the playability of the storytelling.
This combo often brings them awards for brilliant games, millions of game sales and happy fans..
Pastrami basically said everything I could about K1's storyline, but I would like to address the fact that you place importance on how many games are sold and how many fans like it. Popularity =/= quality, in fact, it tends to be the exact opposite, as it is with Halo, Family Guy, anything that Michael Bay has ever directed in the history of ever, and the Twilight novel series, all of which are horrendous displays of entertainment, yet are still popular. So, based on that, I'm inclined to believe that whatever the majority of people like is going to be completely moronic, shallow, and lacking in cerebral provokation.

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