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Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
It's not exactly bad, but when RPGs are mainly story-oriented games, you'd better have a pretty decent plot if you want to go anywhere at all.
kotor's plot was really good. but more than that it was incredibly deep and philosophical. bioware's writers are our modern day platos and kants

Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
dozens of playthroughs in order to truly understand the characters

Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
She was a dynamic character, and probably one of the most interesting characters in the SW universe.
kreia sucked. blah blah blah echoes blah blah blah revan blah blah blah the force sucks i couldn't even listen to her she just rambled on about crytpic crap like that forever

and what a lame plot twist KREIA IS A SITH who coulda seen that one coming!

Originally Posted by Advarde
popularity =/= quality
that's ****ing bs

Originally Posted by Adsavrdes
in fact, it tends to be the exact opposite, as it is with Halo, Family Guy, anything that Michael Bay has ever directed in the history of ever, and the Twilight novel series.
these are all ingenious literary works and i find it abhorrent that you do not think the same
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