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Originally Posted by jedimike2234 View Post
yes,its a add on level titled escape from eriadu,that one and the continuing adventures of mara jade are some of the best and my 2 super faves from mots.
The best one for jk was siege on derra 4,hands down that one was just amazing,play it with jke,god its so much better with the new textures and models!
yes thats why i had to find a way to get sbx to work because patch commander would not work for me now,but im glad to say i got the sbx mods to work with the jke mod.
I tried siege on derra 4 with the JKE and I saved the game but when I died and tried to load the game it froze up. I could only get the JKE to work with the main Jedi Knight game. Any Ideas?

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