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Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
Not sure how that applies to what I said. I granted that spot checks for spot checks was a squirrelly practice. If you bust someone for something legitimately criminal and discover they are also illegal....too damn bad for them.
I stand by my question.

You admit it is "squirrelly" practice, and while racial profiling goes a little beyond "squirrely" you then state if they get caught, then too bad for them.

That seems to imply an indifference to what is going on, as it may be bad but it is also apparently doing good while also pointing out in your previous post that the illegals are doing something illegal anyway.

While in a previous post in the thread, implying there is an overload of illegals in the country and asking why he shouldn't be allowed to if the feds wont.

So, I ask again:

Can someone justifiably break the law to catch law breakers?

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