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Combat Suit Uniforms for Various Organizations

Good gravy, I just finished reading the review over at KotorFiles, and it seems that Marius really liked it . I don't think I've ever seen a review that long (I hope Marius doesn't come down with carpel tunnel syndrome after this )

Anyway, this is a modder's resource that I've made. It will allow people who build story and/or area mods to populate the scene with a wider variety of NPCs. I suppose I could have made a mod that does replace in-game models and appearances, but I prefer to add to the already existing SW universe.

At any rate, I've created 8 new armours using the combat suit model (PMBC & PFBC). They are: a Republic Combat Suit, a Sith Combat Suit, a Czerka Combat Suit, a TSF Combat Suit, a Corellian Combat Suit, an Exchange Combat Suit, and two Black Vulkar Combat Suits (one orange the other blue).


For the most part, they are based on in-game skins, but re-shaped for the combat suit model. The only one I made without reference is the Corellian suit (which I made specifically for the Revenge of Revan mod). They are all made from tgas that exist in both games, so there is no issue of porting. The TSF suit is just my own Republic suit re-coloured to match the in-game TSF uniforms (but all the texture work came from the Republic tga that is in both games). My read-me explains the rest.

So, go forth and create some extra characters to fight .

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