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Originally Posted by Triple-Eight View Post
yeah, i love the armors. but there is no carth uniform reskin in it. when did you upload them?
I haven't uploaded Carth's yet. I plan on making Republic versions of all the Party's clothes, as well as the standard Scout, Scoundrel & Soldier clothes. Once I've got them all done, I'll make a mod (or add them to a revamped Species Specific Feats mod). Since I jump around a lot with what I'm working on, only time will tell when it is done. I can only do what I can.

Also, I'll be taking the summer off for my wedding, honeymoon, and settling in with my wife. I'll be busy with all that, and my modding time will drop quite a bit. I currently squeeze in about 20 hours a week, but I might drop that down to less than 7 a week until fall. Who knows, since my life will be full of new, exciting stuff soon .

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