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Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
If you read what I said, you have your answer. But you are also conflating "racial profiling" with checking a perps legal status when discussing my answer. But, I'd ask you, is it legal to break the law to favor a class of people you feel are unfairly targeted? Especially when they are legally criminals in the first place? Afterall, the creation of "sanctuary cities" is nothing more than aiding and abetting known (or even unknown b/c you won't do your job) criminals writ large. Equally criminal and with farther reaching consequences.
I don't believe I mentioned creating sanctuary cities. You're evading the question. But, to answers yours to keep you from mentioning it again: No, I don't think you should break the law to "favor" them (if by favor you mean live in crappy conditions, getting paid under the legal limit, etc). You obviously have a hatred to them, so I wont try to convince you otherwise with stories of illegals and people with illegal family members.

Maybe you aren't implying it, but the topic at hand are officers who are targeting a specific ethnic race of people and pulling them over for the purpose of checking their status. That is racial profiling regardless of if it works or not.

So, now that I have answered your strawman question I will ask again:

Can someone justifiably break the law to catch law breakers?
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