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Lawmakers have this silly option - it's called making laws.
Yeah, they do a lot of it to no effect, too. Ashame they just don't enforce the ones on the books. Nawww, grandstanding is soooo much more fun. As to your assertion they aren't idiots..... You really mean it may not be a local crime. Last I checked, these cities were part of the USA. Feds set immigration policy, not the locals. Ashame no one really seems to care about enforcing any of the laws beyond rhetorical flourishes and effectively little more than band-aids.

As to Arpaio, if they can make a convincing case in court, they'll get their man in the end. Also, if the feds have a problem w/Arpaio's "doing their job", I'm sure the Justice Dept or even Homeland Security will find a way to stop him.

@TA--2 things. Don't assume people are full of hate just b/c they don't agree with your postions. Two, it's not a strawman question b/c I didn't assert you said anything about the sanctuary cities specifically. The point of the question was to get a more detailed idea of where you are coming from on this. I actually think the better thing to do would be to force their govt to address the issues in their own countries so that people don't emigrate northward, essentially invading another country b/c their's sucks. Actually, I know someone who essentially did just what you're talking about. She's married to my brother's brother-in-law. She's a nice person, but she should still have come here legally.

Now, has it been proven that Arpaio actually stopped these people with that intent or is these just some hyped up allegations by people who don't like the sherriff for whatever reason? So it's clear...If Joe walked up to a Mexican looking man in Phoenix and essentially said (in the presence of credible witnesses) "We must see your papers", that would be unacceptable. The problem w/"racial profiling" isn't that it is wrong, but that it can lead to can any police tactic, frankly. You simply don't go checking every mexican in town if the perp was described as white, asian or black. Unless there's incontrovertible proof beyond heresay of alleged "racial profiling", and it's been declared illegal (not merely unseemly), it's irrational to claim he be thrown out on account of that. Nevermind jailed as well. Prove in court that he's broken the law and he goes to jail/is punished. That's how it works last I checked.

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