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Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
Don't assume people are full of hate just b/c they don't agree with your postions.
Did not imply that. I said I did not agree with those taking advantage of the illegals by doing illegal things like backdoor hiring and underpaying. That is not disagreeing with my position; its illegal and underhanded.

But, I think we've both agreed on that so I wont push it any further.

Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
Two, it's not a strawman question b/c I didn't assert you said anything about the sanctuary cities specifically.
Ok, glad we cleared that up.

Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
The point of the question was to get a more detailed idea of where you are coming from on this. I actually think the better thing to do would be to force their govt to address the issues in their own countries so that people don't emigrate northward, essentially invading another country b/c their's sucks. Actually, I know someone who essentially did just what you're talking about. She's married to my brother's brother-in-law. She's a nice person, but she should still have come here legally.
While Canadians coming south doesn't happen that often, the problem mostly resides with Mexico.

And we should probably force Mexico to deal with their emigration problem, but... what government do we contact? Mexico pretty much has a staple government. It is there to look pretty and say "we're organized" while not necessarily doing anything at all.

The water is poison, drug money supplies most of the country, and it is by all means a third world country in a drug war. The only group we call really call a government is the super rich that exist within Mexico that control the place like aristocracy.

I know this is not new information, but people leave Mexico because it is a terrible place to live. Sure, you have people waving the Mexican flag and saying "we love mexico!" but it is more of in concept than actual practice. They aren't there because the quality of life outside of heavily populated tourist spots is that of a third world country.

Now, with that out of the way, I don't think we should force the government so much as try to -establish- a government within Mexico. It is directly south of us for pete's sake. We're spending so much time and money trying to put the Middle East together while we trying to push Mexico under the rug like a bad stain.

If we can get Mexico stable again and boost the quality of life, your immigration problem should slow down. It should also make them a better trading partner and increase relations with South America, which would be better investments than a lot we're doing nowadays.

Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
Now, has it been proven that Arpaio actually stopped these people with that intent or is these just some hyped up allegations by people who don't like the sherriff for whatever reason? So it's clear...If Joe walked up to a Mexican looking man in Phoenix and essentially said (in the presence of credible witnesses) "We must see your papers", that would be unacceptable. The problem w/"racial profiling" isn't that it is wrong, but that it can lead to can any police tactic, frankly. You simply don't go checking every mexican in town if the perp was described as white, asian or black. Unless there's incontrovertible proof beyond heresay of alleged "racial profiling", and it's been declared illegal (not merely unseemly), it's irrational to claim he be thrown out on account of that. Nevermind jailed as well. Prove in court that he's broken the law and he goes to jail/is punished. That's how it works last I checked.
While it is notoriously hard to convict law enforcement of anything, I mostly agree.

And, on that note, could we get more sources on the man in question?
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