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I loved Voyager to death and still do.

TOS: Classic, enjoy watching it

TNG: meh, Picard was too concerned with prime directives and what not, didn't have the twig n berries.

DS9: being stuck on a space station and never really going anywhere, didn't really appeal to me, sure there might of been a few good battles but that's it.

VOY: Janeway, was a mix of Kirk and Picard, she had the prime directives and principals to uphold but she wasn't afraid of anyone and wouldn't stand by or give up without a fight. Loads more worlds and species that popped up along with technology and some awsome episodes like "Future's End" Pt.I and Pt.II along with "Scorpion" Pt.I and Pt.II, "Timeless" and many others. The Doctor ruled and added some comedy to the show along with some seriousness when needed.

Enterprise: Archer was good, some good eps like "In A Mirror Darkly" and battles were good, but most species we already knew about. The war with the Xindi was awesome to the show and T'Pol was kinda hot. Just wish it didn't get cancelled when things were picking up I felt and they could've expanded in The Earth/Romulan war more.

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