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Hey everyone!

Very organized

Anyway, if you think you need a new module or some special area, drop me PM later on.
Can't really help right now, caught up in my own modding and school work

Plus my contribution to BoS:SR was just 4 areas, none to big, certainly not a full new planet.
I will be PMing you in the future.
There won't be any new created modules for the demo, but I will be consulting you on ideas for the Final Version.

I'm also looking forward to seeing your modules in BoS:SR, that's going to be an amazing mod


I'm done with putting in 46%-50% percent of the mod's content, including Main/side Quests and journal entries.

I'm hope to have the rest of the Content Done in the next 2 and half weeks.

Once this is done, then comes .....

Post Production
This Phase will be making sure all dialogues are in game as well as fine tuning them, adding alien VOs, lips, Bink movies finished, and the beginning of prep for Human VOs.

Once the Content is in game, then I will be able to release a list of whats in the mod and an estimate of how long is the mod.



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